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Mares Set Rover 2s + Octopus Rover

RM 1,150.00 RM 139,000.00

Mares Set Rover 2s + Octopus Rover

Mares Rover 2s
The complete assembly is composed of a first stage is lightweight, robust and compact with reliability, lightness and simplicity.
The medium-size second stage is ideal for sports and recreational divers.
Performance, reliability and simplicity.
continuous reliability
Oversized purge button
Ideal for Diving or beginner divers.
Rover 12 is an excellent choice for intensive use at a Diving Center and for recreational divers who demand reliability.
The balanced diaphragm first stage uses the Mares Tri-material valve; the medium-size second stage features a cover made of soft material that makes it easy to push the purge button, even when wearing gloves.
The latest technologies offer easy breathing, natural and smooth.
For simplified maintenance, Rover can also be combined with the piston first stage R2.

1 satdio R2S
▪ A piston
▪ 1 output HP 7/16 "UNF
▪ 4 outputs LP 3/8 "UNF

MARES Octopus Rover
Compact and lightweight

• Sturdy and durable
• Superior resistance to abrasion
• Hi-Viz yellow cover and hose

This medium-size octopus made of technopolymer features a cover made of soft material so that the purge button is easy to push.
The extensively-tested VAD system - combined with the new Fluid Dynamic Deflector - ensures natural, effortless breathing.

Material: Technopolymer
Second stage weight (g): 385
Nitrox: Yes

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