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Oceanic Geo 2.0 blue dive computer

RM 1,690.00 RM 239,000.00

Oceanic diving computer Geo 2.0

Quality, functionality and style The GEO 2.0 has an improved appearance, with a stainless steel bezel ring and a new color combination

It incorporates the Dual algorithm, option of deep stops, and a redesigned user interface with the option "Step Back", which allows you to move forward and backward through the navigation and configuration menus.

Additionally, a second Nitrox mixture has been added (both configurable up to 100% oxygen), as well as the automatic firmware update that allows the user to download and install operational improvements and even future developments, through the PC interface optional. 

A unique combination of quality, functionality and style, the GEO 2.0 PDC is perfect as a main computer or as a security redundant computer. With the Dual Algorithm and optional configuration of the conservative factor, the GEO 2 can be programmed to offer both Deco or No Deco profiles similar to virtually any dive computer on the market. 


  • Developed exclusively by Oceanic, the Dual ™ Algorithm allows you to choose between the algorithm of the DSAT (Based on the Spencer / Powell data) and the Z + algorithm (based on the Buhlmann ZHL-16 C data)
  • Four modes of operation:
    • CLOCK = Time, Chronometer, Daily Alarm and Countdown Timer
    • NORM = Air Diving or Nitrox
    • GAUGE = Depthmeter and time mode
    • FREE = Special mode for apnea
  • Simple user interface with the option "Step Back" - allows you to go back and forth through the navigation and configuration menus
  • Change between two mixtures of Nitrox up to 100% Oxygen without restrictions (Gas 1 can be configured up to 100% and can be higher or lower than Gas 2)
  • Stop times less than 3 minutes are displayed as minutes and seconds
  • Deep stops with countdown timer - Can be activated or deactivated. Make a 2 min stop with a countdown to half the maximum depth reached, for dives that exceed 25 m (if deep stops are activated)
  • Single access button to the screen of the last dive (maximum depth and background time)
  • Data retention - keeps calculations indefinitely when the battery is replaced
  • Audible alarms accompanied by flashes of LED light
  • Log Book with registration capacity for 24 dives
  • Optional PC interface with download for OceanLog softwate and loading for new settings (Frimware update)
  • Automatic update firmware: download and install the latest firmware - this may include operational improvements and even new features

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