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Aqua Lung Calypso + Octopus Calypso

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Aqualung Calypso

AquaLung Calypso is an entry level regulator with much lighter weight, higher performance, quieter and reliable.Worthy descendant of series Calypso, Ranger and Club. Components of the elements are compatible with previous models.The Aqualung Calypso offers an excellent all-round breathe, which can be adjusted via the Venturi system. It has a good-looking and modern design and the first stage set-up places hoses where they need to be and it’s easy to attach to the tanks. The Calypso is hard to beat when it comes to longevity.Aqualung Calypso First Stage:

  • In-line Piston mechanism
  • Large diameter piston
  • 1 High-pressure port
  • 4 Low-pressure ports
  • Easy to use, designed to improve LP stability and reliability.

Aqua Lung Octopus Calypso

The Aqua-Lung Octopus Calypso/Titan.

A mid-sized, feature-rich alternate air source.Diver-controlled Venturi Adjustment Switch (VAS) reduces sensitivity to free flow on the surface and provides maximum airflow at depth.Equipped with Aqua Lung's exclusive Comfo-Bite™ mouthpiece.Equipped with 39-inch yellow hose for visibility.

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