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Coltri Sub MCH 6/SH

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MCH6SH Front     MCH6SH Rear


Driven by:   Honda petrol engine QXD4 model,certified   CARB III and EPA2-EURO2

Charging   rate: 100 L/min - 6 m³/h - 3,5 CFM

Filling   time cylinder 10 L - 0-200 Bar: 20   min

Working   pressure: 225 Bar / 3300 Psi - 300 Bar /   4300 Psi

Pumping   unit: 2800 rpm

Power: 3,6 Kw / 5,5 HP @ 3600 rpm

Fuel: Unleaded petrol

Fuel tank   capacity: 3,6 L / 3.8 quarts

Fuel consumption:   0,987 L/h - 1.04 quarts/hour

Dimensions:   height 35cm/13.7", width   78cm/30.7", depth 32cm/12.5"

Dry weight:   37 Kg / 81.5 lbs

Noise   power: 100,5 LWA

Noise   pressure: 80,5 dB

Number of   stages and cylinders: 4

Lubricating   oil capacity: 300 cc (0,3 L) / 10 FL. OZ.

Lubricant:   Coltri Oil CE 750

Frame: Powder coated steel

Oil/moisture   separator: After last stage with vortex   generator

Filtration:   Filter cartridge activated carbon   and molecular sieve

Safety   valve: On the separator housing   225-300-330 Bar

Interstage   coolers and after coolers: Stainless   steel

Suction   filter: 2 micron paper

Breathing air:   EN 12021 CGA E






DIN Valve 200          DIN/INT Reducer          DIN300 with PIN

      BC DIN 230 Bar                   DIN / INT Reducer            BC DIN 300 Bar with pin

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